318 m² total square
205,2 m² 1-st floor
113 m² 2-nd floor
85,5 m² terrace
4 bedrooms

This house is indebted for its name to Surrey country – one of the most flourishing English counties renowned by its luxurious gardens and mild climate.

The Surrey house is perfect for a family of five persons. Its appearance draws attention by its grandeur thanks to such traditional elements of the English style as the height-dominating tower, antique accents of its columns, austere window arrangement. The thoroughness and forethought of the house project are important factors for a large family, because the house is going to serve many years to many generations.

The internal profuseness of the house adds to the impression left by its outer looks. A big back wing of the drawing room is encased with a high bay window, the element referring us to the Victorian ep

och of the English style. The bay window allows the drawing room to be filled with light even in overcast days. The fireplace is a mandatory integral part of a British interior. This project has it in the middle part of the house, the gallery of the 2nd floor hall being located above the fireplace. The staircase is associated to the tower, being a classic English solution allowing the drawing room on the first floor to be used in full measure. The dining room is connected in this house with the winter garden, which adds special features to the personality of the house.

Exit from the rest room located next to the sauna continues under an outside shelter. Thanks to this solution, you can go in comfort from the house to the detached spa facility building (option).


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Cottage village Lambery is located near Saint Petersburg, 6 km from ring road (CAD), near village Encolovo. In transport availability from shopping complex Mega Parnas, ski resort Okhta-Park, horse club Derby.