About developer

The idea of creating a village Lambery emerged from the leadership of the "Elektronmash" company long enough, even before the crisis of 2008, after a long search for decent housing in the suburbs of St. Petersburg.
The requirements for which selection was made were quite common:
1. The house should be in a cottage village, located near the city.
2. Obligatory presence of all engineering communications, own security and maintenance services.
3. Correspondence of the village houses to a single architectural concept.
4. The village should not be large, so that the risks of long-term construction do not arise, and, well, it's nice when you know 
5. Comfortable accommodation requires the presence of infrastructure: fitness club, children's leisure center, a shop of farm products, a pub.

The developer of the Lambery villa community is Electronmash JSC — a modern industrial enterprise for the production of electrical equipment, which offers system solutions for the construction of transformer substations and other large industrial facilities. For more than 18 years our company has successfully delivered its equipment to customers and is one of the leading Russian and foreign companies.

At the beginning of the construction of Lambery, the construction department of Electronmash JSC already had the experience of successfully erecting its own production complex in the territory of Parnas industrial zone, which includes production halls, office and warehouse premises, a parking lot, a transformer substation and paved roads. The employees responsible for the construction had the necessary experience and competence in the field of construction and approval of permits; they were entrusted with the organization of all construction work related to the villa community.

The Pareto rule works on the B2B market: 20 % of customers bring 80 % profit. This means that if you work honestly with the Customer and supply him with a quality product, the Customer will continue to contact you.
We also build for ourselves the Lambery villa community, while implementing this project on the B2C market, we adhere to the same rules as in our main business. After all, buying a home does not happen often in a person's life: in practice, people become our Customers once. The Elektronmash company acts as an investor, builder and customer in one, developing a villa community as a single complex. We finance the project with our own funds and follow the construction schedule.

The determinative moment of particular importance was the choice of architects. Initially, the offerings of several British and Russian architectural bureaus were considered. The choice fell on the St. Petersburg company "StudioKora", as their project looked more solid. And besides, participation in the project requires a "total immersion", daily consultations, field visits, it would be difficult for the British to sustain such a busy schedule. "StudioKora" provided the master plan and architectural solutions. Infrastructure projects were carried out on their own, beginning with approvals before construction works.

Selection of location and style of village

With the current rhythm of life, we are increasingly faced with the need for proper recreation in nature, which is difficult to achieve in a megalopolis. In our opinion, a premium class village which is intended for permanent residence should be located near the city, have convenient transport links with the center, and infrastructure facilities should be located within walking distance.
The site chosen for the construction of the cottage village of Lambery seemed to us unique in its consumer qualities: it is located 6 km from the Ring Road, conveniently connected to the northern districts of the city, at the launch of the Western High-Speed Diameter (WHSD) the trip to the city center takes no more than 30–40 minutes. The set of these factors makes our offer especially valuable: life in a green suburb half an hour from the city center.

Another unique feature of the village is its architectural concept: all cottages are built in the classic English style. Why England?
Respectability and comfort are distinctive features of the British style. It is difficult to find a person who will be disapproved of these components. As our marketing research has shown, the classics never go out of fashion, it is most in-demand today.

Perhaps many residents of St. Petersburg are closer to Italian classicism, because they grew up among the creations of Trezzini, Rossi, Quarenghi and Rastrelli. However, the decision to build Lambery based on English classics is due not only to taste preferences, but also practicality. How often does the stucco have to be painted or repaired in our rainy climate? Brick building does not require such efforts, you can live in it for years, not caring about the appearance of the facade.